Eezi Awn

The best made Roof Top Tent in the World.

Eezi-Awn Roof Tents and Awnings

"Eezi-Awn tents are fast becoming the standard by which other tents are measured."

Graham Jackson, Technical Editor, Overland Journal

You have discovered the best made Roof Tent in the World. For more than 25 years, Eezi-Awn Roof Tents have travelled the far reaches of this globe. They have decades of proven experience on every major continent, and have withstood the most extreme elements. From -50F of the Arctic Ocean, to +120F of the Sahara and Central America, Eezi-Awn has performed. If you plan to travel, Eezi-Awn will exceed the standards you demand.


Why buy an Eezi-Awn?

Quality Craftsmanship

Seasoned South African craftsmen, whose only focus is a superior roof tent. 

Quality Materials

The toughest materials available are used to ensure longevity. 

Heavy Duty Construction

Built to endure all the weather, vibration, abrasion and abuse that your vehicle experiences. Eezi-Awn tents weigh more for a very good reason. They last longer. 


Eezi-Awn tents have more experience in the remote places of the earth than any other tent in the industry. A quarter of a century of adventure to prove it. 


World class support for your investment. We stand behind our products.