National Luna LED Lighting

LED lighting is quickly making it’s way into our daily lives, replacing older technologies and offering improved energy efficiency, higher durability, increased life, lower maintenance and improved brightness. The low-power nature of LED lighting makes them ideal choice for automotive, camping, trailers, boating, solar or any battery-powered application where energy saving essential.

National Luna has brought high-performance LED technology to market with the introduction of a new range of low-voltage, compact, energy-saving light fixtures. The highest quality LED components are combined with high-performance regulator circuits and strong material to provide a durable and effective product.

The range begins with an economic 9 LED light and grows to an impressive high-power 27 LED light. All models in the range offer a dual power feature which can be used to switch from an ultra-low power ambient light to a full power wide angle camp light. All models also feature a wide operating voltage, reverse battery protection and short circuit protection.


- High efficacy and overall efficient design

- Superior light output and wide distribution

- Unique selectable "Dim" and "Bright" modes on all models

- Natural "Daylight White" color

- Zero ultra-violet and infra-red emission

- Stable output under varying operating voltages

- High strength low profile design

- Ultra long life

- Polarity protected

- Reverse battery protected

- Short circuit protected

- Available with clear, yellow and red lenses

- Portable Clip-on versions available with 27' cable and battery clips


- Vehicle camp lighting

- Trailers

- Solar installations

- Emergency lighting

- Marine lighting

- Buses

- Any 12/24V utility lighting application