March 10

National Luna Fridge Freezer and Weekender - 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine, March/April '10

Expedition 80 Series - National Luna Freezer/Fridges. "National Luna is one of the most reputable portable refrigeration brands on the planet and proven from the veldts of South Africa where they are made, to the comforts of you local haunts."


June 09

Eezi Awn Roof Top Tent - Dirt Rider Magazine Ultimate Bike Hauler

The Ultimate Hauler - DR shows how to get your bikes there in style. "Finally, the crowning jewel I've found for my truck,...the Eezi-Awn Rooftent."


April 09

Equipt's Toyota Land Cruiser UZJ100 - 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine Feature Vehicle

100 Series Land Cruiser - Going the distance in comfort and utility. "If anyone is capable of building a worthy expedition Land Cruiser, it would be Paul May from Equipt."


March 09

Front Runner Wind Cheetah Slimline 80 Series Roof Rack - 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

Expedition 80 Series - Moving up with...Front Runner Racks. "Light weight, less height, more options...what's not to love?"


December 08

National Luna Intelligent Split Charging System - Overland Journal Editor's Choice, Winter 08

Gentlemen's Dual - Introduction to Dual Battery Systems. "Our Editors’ (plural) Choice went to the National Luna. As a kit, it is exhaustively complete, child’s play to install, and will accommodate almost any application and second battery location."


June 08

National Luna 40L Fridge - 1 Year Report, Overland Journal, Summer 08

Long Term Review: The National Luna Fridge. "Thankfully, a few companies still refuse to compromise the goal of putting quality first. In our 12-volt fridge test last year (Overland Journal, Summer 2007), we found National Luna to be one of those companies, and a year with the NLR-40 has done nothing to change my opinion."


January 08

Equipt's 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser UZJ100 - Overland Journal Feature Vehicle

Equipt with Everything - Paul May's UZJ100 Land Cruiser. "Including a Tiki Bar!" A feature article of the company's showcase truck in full dress.


June 07

National Luna 40L Fridge - Overland Journal Editor's Choice, Summer 07

Portable 12V Fridge Review. "In addition to its powerhouse performance, the National Luna is a good-looking fridge; not too showy, but stout and utilitarian—like a lot of kit from Africa."


March 07

Eezi Awn Roof Top Tent Comparison - Overland Journal Spring 07

Tents that will leave you High and Dry. "Even from a distance the 1200 speaks “tough," and when you examine it closely, the impression holds up. The build quality is very high."


December 06

Eezi Awn - Car and Driver LR3 Long Term review

Sumptuous and Strapping - Land Rover LR3 Long Term Review. "Eezi-Awn roof tents from South Africa are designed to “keep you out of the food chain,” says U.S. distributor Paul May of Equipt Expedition Outfitters in Salt Lake City."