Remember our little note yesterday when we said we crushed 2022 and we're super excited about 2023? We didn't mention that part of our excitement about 2023 was a little giveback to say thank you for carrying us onward and upward last year...

As a token of our thanks, we're going to give you a FREE Eezi-Awn Lite Awning and the compatible mounting bracket when you purchase a Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit -or- Toyota Land Cruiser Roof Rack Kit in size 1250mm x 2.2M! If you're crunching the numbers, that's a $420 value (on us)! Add both items below to your cart (one rack kit and the special awning/bracket combo below) and the discount will be automatically applied.

Now, we hear the people in the back saying, but we don't own a Toyota. Don't worry, we've got something for you, too (and if you've got the 4Runner, this is a double whammy of a deal). How about a little savings on those National Luna Legacy Dual Control Fridge/Freezers? Done. The container arrived today, but we're going to hold off doing the intended price increase until February 10th. That gives you two whole weeks to save by paying the price on our site right now rather than what's coming... Our advice: don't sleep on this one.

Act fast. These deals are limited while supplies last and you only have until February 10th at NOON MST to save. Thanks again for a great 2022!