As overland expedition travel continues to grow in popularity, so does the demand for gear and products that bring comfort and convenience to the experience.

TemboTusk gear fills that under-served niche in the camping and overland travel world. We provide you quality equipment designed to last a life time.

TemboTusk started business in 2010 out of the frustration of not finding the type of camping and expedition gear needed to outfit a Land Cruiser. One of the requirements set for the company was that the products we manufacture needed to be robust and hold up under extreme conditions.

Whether you are preparing to trek to the ends of the earth or just want to see what is over the next hill; the gear you travel with needs to make it there and back. It needs to be strong and robust; it should be the last piece of equipment you worry about.

Our gear is not designed to be just good enough; our gear is the best that you can buy.

TemboTusk products are proudly made in America.