For full-sized trucks with a 6.5' tray.


The Flat Bed Models are only offered in one floor plan (shown below). This is a sample interior rendering. Siding, fabrics, and options can change depending on the final options you choose for your new camper.




Here are the basic Hawk Flat Bed Model specifications. Please click the Specification Link below to view a camper specifications sheet, or click the "Build & Price" button to see available options, additional pricing, and camper weights.
Base Model Dry Weight
1395 lbs
Height Down (including vent) 60" (most trucks)
Roof Length 140"
Floor Length 80"
Body Width 81"
Adult Sleeping 3-4
Fresh Water Capacity 20 gallons
Interior Headroom (popped up) 6'6"



All fabrics are durable and complement cabinetry and siding colors. There is no upcharge for Caprice Midnight, Caprice Truffle, Deer Valley Canyon, Dovetail Greystone or Etta Fog. All other options available for $350.

Caprice Midnight              


Our campers are available in a variety of exterior siding colors & textures. Mesa White Aluminum Siding is standard and is included with the base model pricing. But we have several upgrade choices & colors available. These are just samples of what the different colors look like. Camper options & window configurations vary depending on the camper ordered & the floor plan choice.



The rugged light weight aluminum frame and low profile design greatly reduce vehicle and driver strain, while maximizing fuel efficiency.
Hard and soft side materials and craftsmanship translate to decades of use in most any environment.
The one-piece, light weight aluminum roof is water proof and handles decades of ups and downs.
Flat Bed Models offer more interior living space and also have storage space under the cabover bed. These models can be a great choice for people spending a lot of time on the road camping.


We'd love to show you around our demo campers and help you customize your own whenever you're ready.

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  There is a destination fee of $600.00 to transport campers from Four Wheel Camper's Northern California facility to our warehouse in Salt Lake City. Installation of camper electrical and mounting points start at $595. Sales of campers to out of state customers are tax exempt; all in-state sales are subject to Utah taxes.