Project M


Ultra-light, Super Rugged, Large Cabover Bed with Mattress (And Space for Everything Else)


Four Wheel Campers recently debuted the yet-to-be-named “Project M” truck camper. From the outside Project M has the classic look of a Four Wheel Camper but with new mounting options for adventure travel accessories or surf/SUP boards and other outdoor gear.

Project M is designed and built for the outdoors-enthusiast who wants a camper that is ultra-light, lighter than your average camper or shell even. The unit is built to be rugged for off-road use, while retaining the available use of the pickup bed for hauling gear. This unit also includes Four Wheel Campers traditional camper jack brackets which allows owners to easily remove their camper when needed or not in use. We know that Project M will be an instant hit with overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts across the country! Call us for specific questions regarding fitment or to place a preorder at 866-703-1026.


  1. Models to fit most truck brands and truck bed sizes
  2. Aluminum one-piece roof with 6'6" interior height
  3. Aluminum welded frame designed for challenging off-roading
  4. Aluminum siding in a variety of cool colors
  5. From campsite arrival to getting into bed is only two minutes
  6. Five-year warranty on roof, frame, and siding
  7. Pre-wired for solar and future power options
  8. Select from many current and future useful options
  9. Black Diamond Plate or Smooth Aluminum siding options available


Mid-Sized Trucks w/ 5.0' Bed = 400 lbs Full Sized Trucks w/ Short Bed = 460 lbs
Mid-Sized Trucks / 6.0' Bed = 425 lbs Full Sized Trucks w/ Long Bed = 515 lbs
Mid-Sized: Cabover Sleeping Area: 65"W x 80"L Full Sized: Cabover Sleeping Area: 73"W x 80"L
Mid-Sized Height Down: 37" + truck height Full Sized Height Down: 39" + truck height
Mid-Sized Popped Up: 58" + the depth of your truck bed Full Sized Popped Up: 60" + the depth of your truck bed
Roof & Wall Framing: Welded Aluminum Roof & Wall Framing: Welded Aluminum
Exterior Material: Aluminum Siding in Various Colors Exterior Material: Aluminum Siding in Various Colors