At Escape Gear, they manufacture custom fit, heavy duty seat covers, dash protectors, transmission covers and a range other vehicle protective gear for your truck or SUV. Our product range can be purchased in either our specially formulated Tough Canvas or Traditional Canvas.

Polycotton Tough Canvas

Extra Strength (Charcoal Only)

  • Long Lasting: Protect your original seat upholstery from harsh and aggressive conditions and ensure your vehicle’s interior remains in mint condition, long after you’ve moved on to another vehicle.
  • Comfort with Strength: Tough Canvas fabric will give you the comfort and feel of organic cotton whilst maintaining the technical features, durability and wear resistance of a synthetic product.
  • Water Repellent: The Tough Canvas is water repellent, extremely abrasion resistant, less prone to pilling and static and is technologically superior to most seat fabrics available on the market today.

How Tough is Tough?

At Escape Gear, all fabrics are rigorously tested in laboratory conditions emulating the most severe operating conditions to understand just how well these fabrics perform. When the equipment used to test the fabric had to be shut down after 350,000 rubs - with no obvious damage to the material - it was concluded that THIS fabric could only be called one thing: Tough Canvas.

Tough Canvas is only manufactured in Charcoal. All seat covers are manufactured to retain the safety features of your vehicle's original seats.

Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas

Extra Comfort (Light Khaki & Grey)
Escape Gear's Traditional 100% Cotton Canvas is made from heavy-duty 500g (17oz) cotton - the heaviest grade on the market - and is intricately woven to form a compact and firm material. Not only do they fit effortlessly around your upholstery (while eliminating bunching and creasing when climbing in and out of your car) but will completely protect your vehicle’s interior as well.
  • Water Repellent: Water is no issue for the Traditional Cotton canvas either. The material becomes 30% stronger when wet making it water repellent, which means that spilt liquids won’t seep through.
  • Perfect for Summer: The Traditional Canvas is breathable, transmitting moisture away from the body, making it cool and comfortable and, therefore, works well during long-distance driving in the summer heat.
  • Warm for Winter: While it keeps you cool during the summer, it also provides thermal insulation, trapping air between the fabric fibres to keep you warm in winter. It is weatherproof, retaining its comfort and breathability.

Protecting Your Vehicle's Interior

Not only do they look great, but they fully protect your seats. And should you want to remove them one day – for reasons only you would know! – your original upholstery will still be in showroom condition.
Escape Gear offers two colors: Light Khaki and Grey. All seat covers are manufactured to retain the safety features of your vehicle's original seats.