Trail Kitchens was founded in 2014 with a simple principle... 

Create Innovative Products that Enhance the Mobile Outdoor Lifestyle

Over several decades of adventuring in the western US and abroad it became apparent that there was an unfulfilled need for an integrated solution for cooking, cleaning up dishes and cookware, filtering water, and showering outdoors. Most of the critical parts (stoves, tables, water filtration, portable showers, etc.) were obviously available but always as standalone products or built into a recreational vehicle.

We embarked on this journey with a personal quest to simplify the preparation of kitchen gear for a road trip and then transition that gear from the vehicle to the backcountry or the river. Our goal is to provide the ultimate portable kitchen and clean up workstations that organize your most essential gear into the most compact package possible. Whether you adventure outdoors using a car, truck, SUV, 4X4, RV, canoe, raft or pack animal, there's a place for the space-efficient workstation designs from Trail Kitchens. 

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