Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit

$1,100.00 $990.00 -10%
  • Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit
    Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit
Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit


Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen K9 Roof Rack Kit

$1,100.00 $990.00 -10%
  • The K9 Roof Rack System from Eezi-Awn is a revolutionary advancement in expedition-style racks; it is thinner, lighter, stronger, quieter, more functional, more aerodynamic, more durable, and more aesthetically complimentary to your vehicle than the competition.


    The K9 systems for the 3rd Gen 4Runner come in 1250mm (49") width, and 2 different lengths.  The most popular model is the 1.6M (62") long rack that starts a few inches behind the sunroof and finishes an inch in front of the rear hatch.  This rack replaces the factory rack, leaves the sunroof complete uncovered, and requires no drilling. 


    The 3rd Gen 4Runner uses our standard height rack which measures 5" high, from above the second row doors, measured at the pinch weld trim.  It uses 65mm tall feet, and allows enough room for options on the bottom of the platform. 


    Capacity of the K9 roof rack system is broken into two measurements, static weight and dynamic weight.  Static is when the vehicle is stationary.  Dynamic is when the vehicle is in motion.  We have not tested the K9 racks on vehicles to the point of roof failure.  We can tell you what we have tested ourselves effectively.  A dynamic capacity in the range of 500 pounds is possible.  A static capacity of 1000 pounds is possible.  An example of static load increase would be adding people in the tent on the roof.  Please understand these capacities are on vehicles that have modified suspensions designed to manage this amount of weight.  They are not a warrantied or guaranteed capacity.  Your load capacity will vary.


    The K9 Roof Rack System for the 3rd Gen 4Runner requires no drilling at all for the 1.4M an d 1.6M size racks.  Our proprietary mounting rail mounts right over the roof pinch weld trim and utilizes the OEM roof rack mounting points. 


    Installation of this rack system can be done by one person in approximately 1-1/2 hours.  Help lifting the platform on the roof would be appreciated.  You start by removing the factory roof rack, then attach the K9 mounting rail to the roof, followed by a full set of feet, and finally a platform on top.  Please see our Roof Rack Installation 101 video for more in depth explanation.  Written instructions are also provided with each rack system. Click Here to Download Instructions.

    Please note that the Eezi-Awn K9 Camp Table Mounts will not work on a Toyota 5th Gen because of the shark fin antenna. If you find a way to relocate the antenna (which we are not suggesting, but IF you do), the K9 Roof Rack Foot size 65mm will provide enough clearance between the roof of the truck and the bottom of the rack platform; no table will fit when using the 40mm size. You will also need to use a K9 Camp Table sized Large or smaller. The XL K9 Camp Tables are too wide to fit the table mounts between this setup.

    System Components

    The components used on the 3rd Generation 4Runner rack systems include a pair of mounting rail, a set of K9 feet (2 per platform cross brace), and a platform.

    System Accessories

    The Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack System comes with a complete array of bolt on accessories.  Jerry Can holders, Axe mounts, Shovel mounts, Hi-Lift Mounts, Max Trax Mounts, Awning Mounts, Under Rack Table mounts, and much more.  Take a look at the accessories page to see all our options.

    Thule & Yakima Compatible

    The K9 Roof Rack is also the only overlanding rack on the market that is easily compatible with your existing Thule or Yakima sports bar mounts for bikes, kayaks, etc. With store-accessible 6mm hardware that attaches to the K9's perimeter, your hobbies won't become obsolete with your "old gear."

    Thule Models Podium Foot Pack 460
    Fit Kit KIT3101
    Yakima Models (1) Skyline Tower
    (2) Landing Pad 4



    "The K9 Roof Rack System is a welcome alternative to the cage-style racks that once defined the typical overland roof rack. It is sleek, understated, and complimentary to the aesthetics of vehicles new and old. It is most importantly, remarkably robust, an attribute we would naturally expect from the engineers at Eezi-Awn."

    -- Christophe Noel, Executive Editor, Expedition Portal (Read The Full Review)

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