Equipt Expedition Outfitters is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of all Escape Gear products.

From humble beginnings in the garage of one of its founders, the Escape Gear operation came to life in 2004 and was then purchased by Felix and Brita Unite two years later.


Our Inception

Escape Gear came to life in a garage in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa,  as a ‘pop up’ company with 4 employees.

Partners with Passion

The fledgling company was sold in 2006 to new owners with a deep interest in the great outdoors.  The company directors have, at one time or another, excelled in trans-ocean yachting, endurance mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, and pioneered the river rafting industry in South Africa.

Simple. Dependable. Quality

Passion for the outdoors, the need for robust products that can cope in such environments, a beady eye on customer service, quality and value for money, meant  Escape Gear quickly outgrew its first home and moved to larger industrial premises in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. 

Over the years the company has grown from strength to strength with people, processes and products. 

The “New” Escape Gear

Recently Adinah Capital Partners acquired a controlling share in Escape Gear.  Going forward into the next decade and beyond, the “new” Escape Gear represents a company cognisant of the dignity and responsibility towards its people & countries in which it conducts business.

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