Paul May meets Jack Stuhler, the founder of Eezi-Awn, and can't contain his excitement about the products he's seeing on Jack's vehicle. Paul decides to start a little company called Equipt Expedition Outfitters.


Equipt opens its doors at the Easter Jeep Safari as Eezi-Awn's exclusive US importer of Eezi-Awn products. During this time, Paul travels to South Africa to view Eezi-Awn's HQ and production facilities, and meets legend Scott Brady of Overland Journal.


National Luna becomes the second brand that Equipt will exclusively import from South Africa. Equipt continues to build awareness through Paul's longtime friend, Mario Donovan, owner of AT Overland, works out a partnership to offer Eezi-Awn Roof Top Tents for AT Overland trailer builds, as well as becoming one of the original advertisers in a new magazine called Overland Journal. Paul attends Expedition Trophy event as a sponsor and wins the coveted Happy Hour trophy title for the next two years.


Equipt attends its first two shows, the now famous Overland Expo, and the long time staple, SEMA.


Equipt travels to Bad Kissingen, Germany, for the enormous Abenteuer Allrad tradeshow and meets Soren Wiberg, part of the multi-generational business known as AluBox. Shortly after, AluBox is the third brand that Equipt will exclusively import from overseas. This is also the year that Expedition Overland debuts and Equipt is a proud OG sponsor.


Paul runs away after years of working hard to explore Baja, Mexico over six glorious weeks, but returns to add more fun events to the list--the Overland Rallies.


The travel bug kept biting so Paul, after moving operations from Salt Lake City, UT, to Prescott, AZ, hits the road for a ten week Mayan ruin adventure in mainland Mexico and Central America. This is also the year for another South Africa trip where Cape Town tops the visit list and Paul is introduced to Escape Gear... you know what happens next...


Paul is invited to join Greg Miller and Scott Brady, along with other friends, to be a part of the Expedition 7 crew for Africa. Without much hesitation, he promptly agrees. And yes, Equipt is now importing its fourth brand exclusively: Escape Gear.


Despite Paul's love for Heather, his wife, he opted to ditch her for a ten week solo trip from the US to Dead Horse, Alaska (Heather forgave him almost instantly). He also ditched Prescott in favor of returning Equipt's HQ to his home town of Salt Lake City.


Equipt opens its first brick and mortar store and brought on two domestic brands for exclusive dealerships in Utah: AT Overland and Four Wheel Campers.


This the year that Equipt started to grow its team and facility by expanding operations from two people to five full-time employees and doubling HQ to add a showroom, shipping warehouse, and offices.


The team is joined by three new full-time employees who attend our 10th Overland Expo and parties as a longtime sponsor with Expedition Overland as they catapult themselves into fame.


COVID hit, but Equipt hit back, with record sales, an expanding team, and a continued dedication to #BUILTBETTER.


Fast forward to today and Equipt is still the leader of exceptional customer service in the industry, dedicated to an expansive portfolio of adventure gear. Our team is currently working on expanding our inventory capacity with the acquisition of a second warehouse.