Our team is always here for you and we are so pleased to introduce ourselves!


PAUL, Founder & Owner

Paul is a force. Physically, he really is a vertical skyscraper and carries a width to match it, but primarily we're referring to his massive contribution to the overlanding industry. Not just the founder and owner of our little family, he also merits an exclusive badge as one of the original forefathers responsible for launching self-sustained vehicle travel into the popular space that it is now, one adopted by larger companies for marketing the cool factor and dominating the automotive design direction of newly released 4x4s. More than 15 years ago (holy smokes!) he made the seemingly foreign concept of Roof Racks and Roof Top Tents an attainable commodity for the first group of everyday men, not just the elite group of intrepid explorers who had exclusively held the keys to comfortable freedom for nearly a century. We are so honored to share beers and stories with him every day. Although he IS always trying to ditch us for some epic adventure with his two red heads... 

KRISTIN, Chief Everything Officer

Kristin is the joyful backbone of our little operation. She has been by Paul's side since the very beginning, back when Equipt worked out of a garage to manage and ship all your favorite South African goodies. While she's almost always in the office and her heart loves delivering adventure for all of our customers, she'll sneak away to spend any extra time she has with her two granddaughters, Edie and Ellie. Didn't think this hottie was a grandma, did you?! But sorry, guys, she's taken by Dave Grohl... She loves digging her toes into a sandy beach while sipping a cocktail at sunset and screaming at the TV with friends while the Eagles or Rugby play(s). When you come into HQ to ask for her number, you'll find her snuggled underneath a blanket any time of year because somehow she's constantly cold. 







MORGAN, Customer Experience Lead

We're not entirely sure how we got everything done before Morgan came into our lives. One fateful night we were stressing about how the team was going cuckoo and needed help and then WHAM! he appears out of thin air to save the day. In 2011, he moved from Maryland to Salt Lake City to finish up school at the University of Utah and apparently he hasn't found a reason to leave yet. He tells us that he always wanted to head west to snowboard real mountains, but the truth is, we know he's found so much more in Utah given that he spends all of his time camping, exploring, and fly fishing with his rad partner, Vanessa, and his two puppers. He fits right in given that he has a 2-door XJ, which he's been wrenching on for more than 12 years, and we've finally converted him to a Yota lover thanks to his new 1st Gen Toyota Sequoia build. There's hope for this one, yet. It's often Morgan who is the first face you see when you swing by and while he's literally the nicest out of all of us, he probably needs a beer the most... take a hint.

DREW, Mr. Two

Drew has known Paul for years thanks to his stint as the main man behind Paul's favorite watering hole, Cheers to You. Somehow we managed to steal him away to pursue his passion for exploration and trucks and now that he more intimately knows us, boy does he regret it... ha. Currently, Drew is our point guy for installs and our second dude behind the front phone lines, plus we tend to pitch him just about any problem that needs a solution and he steps up with a sideways smile and a chummy remark that clearly shows his veteran status running a bar. Somehow our team has managed to only expand to those with a profound sense of snarkiness, so he fits right in. He's also father to a tribe of fur babies, a couple of rigs, endless tools, and more hats than maybe even Paul.





LOLA, Fulfillment Specialist

Lola spends so much time running around like a speed demon in our warehouse to ship that we aren't even sure we know what she looks like... hence the lack of photo. But without her, no one would get their gear, so we can all be thankful for her dedication to work. Lola has spent a lifetime living on her own terms and if she ever slowed down on orders, we might hear about some of it, but until then, here's what we mostly know to be true... She's an old school Burner, having been involved in Burning Man for two decades, and plays a critical role in ensuring the event has zero impact on our beautiful Nevada desert. She cares about Mother Earth so much that she is not just our primary shipping captain, she's also our Recycling Nazi (and we thank her for it). She's the healthiest eater, the most outspoken about injustice, and we hope one day she'll pause long enough for us to commemorate her with a camera.


JASON, The Newest New Guy 

Jason has been an outdoor enthusiast for his entire life, but four years ago he chose to leave a career of almost 20 years in social work to join the outdoor industry. He has acted as a concierge and groundskeeper for a lodge in Gustavus, Alaska, hiked Havasupai, Arizona, and spent time fishing and hiking all over Utah. Jason loves to share his love of adventure with friends and family, especially his nieces and nephews. He currently works as an install tec and shop assistant at Equipt.





ROCKY, Marketing Brain

Rocky has a quirky sense of humor, the mouth of a sarcastic sailor, and talks supersonic fast. Her insatiable drive and knack for creative problem-solving meant a decade of spearheading high-level business strategies for the outdoor industry. Now she manages Equipt's marketing, but more often than not, she elects to play hooky with her partner in crime and two Aussie pups. From wheeling to jet-setting out of a remote Park City chalet at 8,000 feet, her and her husband are constantly in search of desolate wilderness and that perfect pocket water for fly fishing. This decade she's truly embracing the hermit lifestyle, writing less than witty bullshit for hire and renting out a luxurious treehouse. Oh, and making sure new products make it onto the website!