Our mission is simple--to outfit all adventurers with gear that is #BUILTBETTER.

More than a decade ago, Equipt became the first American company to import high-quality, vehicle expedition equipment from across the globe. Since our humble beginnings, we have risen to become a go-to leader within the adventure travel industry, continuing to deliver a diverse portfolio of reliable, long-lasting products backed by unparalleled customer service. From shelter solutions to portable fridges, Equipt’s ever-growing selection of best-in-class gear increases your capability, comfort, and confidence during any adventure.

Equipt is proud to be the exclusive U.S. Distributor for all Eezi-Awn, National Luna, AluBox, and Escape Gear products.



There are a lot of options for customers now, and it is hard to differentiate between equipment that is OK, and what is truly an exceptional. The products that we bring to market have been proven on every continent. They are tried and true and trusted by explorers literally traveling the globe. Our equipment is built to a different standard in order to withstand the harshest environments. The materials and craftsmanship of our equipment, combined with the best product experience, knowledge, service and support is what sets Equipt apart from the competition. We do our very best, as a company, to live up the standard of Built Better throughout every aspect of our business.



We are proud to be the:

We have an analogy we often use when asked why our equipment is Built Better. If you are looking for a white sedan with leather interior, you can Kia or a Mercedes. Both are white sedans with leather, and the go across the ground in a similar fashion. But there are some very good reasons why that Mercedes costs twice as much as the Kia. This holds true for the equipment we offer.

Yes, we unapologetically agree that our products cost more than average. That is because they are better than average. They’re Built Better than the other options on the market.

The Eezi-Awn K9 roof rack systems are the rack the was used on the record breaking 7 continent exploration by E7. They are also the trusted choice of Expedition Overland. They have been tested to the ends of the earth, and are ready for more. Why? The rack platforms are welded by hand, to ensure strength. The extrusions are thicker than the competition to be stronger over time. The mounting systems are beefier than others, and we use more points of contact with the roof to ensure better distribution of weight. The racks are anodized and powder coated, to ensure longevity. Combine all these qualities, and you get a rack that can take on the world. Literally.

National Luna builds fridges to a commercial specification. They were originally designed for World Health Organizations to haul medicine around Africa. They have to be very rugged, run on very little power, and hold a specific temperature in some of the most torturous environments know to man. Full surround aluminum cooling walls ensure fast and even cooling, so they cool faster than others. Better quality insulation keeps the contents from warming up as fast as others. Better compressor management reduces energy consumption compared to others. This is why National Luna fridges are the international benchmark in portable refrigeration.



Over 40 years of vehicle-based exploration and vehicle preparation gives us an experience-based perspective not found many other places. Vehicle supported exploration of the western US, Canada, Alaska, Baja, Central America, and South Africa have given us the opportunity to use a vast array of equipment.  It lets us know what is necessary and what is not, and what is quality and what is not. We have learned from experience what products are Built Better, and we offer them to the US market.  We use the equipment we offer on our own vehicles, testing them on a consistent basis. That way when you are ready to talk to someone with experience, and knowledge of their brands, you call us.



The equipment that we offer is the best there is, and there is a cost to owning the best. It only makes sense that the service offered by Equipt be the best it can be as well. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount. If there is ever an issue with our company or our products, you can expect we will do everything in our power to make it right. We treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated ourselves, with professionalism and courtesy. Our reputation is our most important asset.



At the heart of what we do at Equipt is to instill in our customers that we will have their back. We provide the best advice we can for each customer, we offer the best products available to meet their needs, and we support those products throughout their lifetime. And we have the full backing and support of each brand we offer too. If there is an issue we cannot resolve here in the US, we know that our international vendors will do everything they can to make things right as well.



Our amazing team is always here to help you with your upcoming adventure... unless of course, we're out having our own. Put faces to names here.

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