Equipt Expedition Outfitters is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of all Eezi-Awn products. These are the only tents and racks we offer because we believe they are simply built better than the rest.

Find Your Fit

Your Eezi-Awn Tent was built to be compatible with the Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack System. If you have both, things are super easy! If you don't, things will get a little more complicated, but there's almost always a solution either via Eezi-Awn or a third-party (note that some modification may be required):
  1. Identify your tent's installation system, located on the base of the tent; all Eezi-Awn tent installation systems are the same. 
  2. Identify your tent's installation hardware, which is included with tent upon direct purchase; all Eezi-Awn installation kits are the same.
  3. Identify your rack's installation system, ie. T-Slot, Round, Square, etc.
  4. Determine which orientation you plan to mount your tent, ie. will the entrance be over the back end of the vehicle or off to the side?
  5. Select a compatible mounting system.

Installation Kit

All Eezi-Awn tents, whether they be a hard shells or folding roof top tents, or trailer tent, come with the same hardware kit required for installing your tent to an Eezi-Awn mounting systemsyou do not need to purchase separately unless you have a second-hand tent that did not include the original hardware or you are replacing lost parts.

Please note that additional and/or different hardware may be needed when mounting between multiple systems outside the Eezi-Awn system.