Equipt Expedition Outfitters has been offering the best overland equipment on the planet for over 14 years, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. These are crazy times right now and everyone is feeling the effect of this economic downturn, including us. So we plan on doing something about it in our own little way that hopefully helps us all in the end.

On any normal day, we believe that we offer our products at a reasonable price, which is why we typically don't offer discounts to certain groups or at certain times because that would mean we are overcharging everyone else the rest of the time. That isn't fair.

But today we break that tradition.

 From now until the end of May, we will be offering weekly discounts on our most popular products in hopes of stimulating your dreams of adventure and helping our team stay here for the long haul because it's always better when we all work together. Check back on our website and Instagram for each weekly drop coming your way every Monday at Noon MST now through the end of May!

Keep calm and wash those hands!