Emphasis on Safety

At Escape Gear, there is great emphasis on ensuring that seat covers in no way hinder the deployment of a vehicle's driver and passenger seat side airbags in the event of a collision. High speed photography in controlled laboratory tests prove that the specially constructed ‘Red Thread’ seam in no way hinders the deployment of side airbags. In every test, side airbags deployed to maximum size, with no deforming, within average time of 8.4 milliseconds. This average deployment time exceeds the Motor manufacturers’ Industry Standard of less than 10 milliseconds. You can drive safely with Escape Gear seat covers.

Motor Vehicle Safety

Airbags provide added protection and improve the safety of both diver and passenger in the event of a collision and/or rollover crashes. These days, most modern trucks and SUVs have a steering wheel and/or dashboard airbag as well as seat-side airbags that provide protection during side impacts.

How do I check if I have airbags?

To check if your vehicle has side airbags, examine the bolster part of your seat (that is, the side of the backseat closest to your vehicle’s door). If your bolster has a sewn-in label that reads, “SRS Airbags”, it means that your vehicle is, in fact, equipped with airbags in both driver and passenger seat rests. 

Safety with a Quality Guarantee

Not only does their protective gear ensure your safety, but these seat covers look great too. All this while also fully protecting your seats ensuring your original upholstery will still be in showroom condition. Don’t cover your seats with just anything… adorn them with Escape Gear seat covers – for that unmistakable, authentic African feel.