Wrangler Camping System

  • Durable aluminum and stainless steel construction ensures decades of service
  • 12V - 3.5 Amp draw, 6 Amp Max. Plug in using the included male cigarette lighter adapter that can be connected to the vehicle's primary battery, secondary 12V system, or portable power.
  • Water Capacity - 6 Gallons (22.7 L) - External water supplies can be quickly connected.
  • Marine Grade 12V pump has a maximum flow rate of 3.5 GPM capacity and 45 psi. pressure rating. Pump can be run dry without damage and can self -prime up to 6 ft of head or thru 25 ft of standard garden hose.
  • Locking slides for the main unit have a 500 lb capacity and lock both in and out.
  • Optional 36,000 BTU/hr on-demand hot water heater with shower - Includes a mounting bracket and all hoses and quick release adapters for connecting it to the base unit.
  • Optional Tembo Tusk Fridge slide for mounting to the top of the base unit. Fits most 37 quart capacity portable fridges.
  • Includes The Compact Camp Kitchen ($499 value).